Common Website Owner Mistakes



(It's expensive)

1. Do You Own Your Real Estate?

Own, Don't Rent

2. Is Your Foundation Solid?

Recommended Hosts

3. Is Your Website Security Based on Your Pet's Name?

Places you might store your password

* Your brain
* Notebooks
* Excel Spreadsheet
* Google Doc
* Plaintext notes on your phone or tablet

Places You Should Store Your Password

A secure password management system like 1Password or LastPass

4. Are You Too Focused on Design?

Typical design process:

1. Discovery
2. Design
3. Development
4. Content
5. Launch

If Web Design Were Book Publishing

1. Tell your agent what the book is about
2. Get an artist to design the book cover
3. Get the printer to bind a bunch of pages together and add the cover
4. Write the book
5. Sell the book

5. Are You Doing Too Much?

(Just get to the point)

6. Does Your Theme Suck?

How to Get Good Themes

7. Is Your Site Responsive?

Majority desktop viewing is so last year

9. Do You Have a Backup Plan?

A Good Backup System is Your Website Insurance

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