Simplify your styles with CSS Preprocessors




• You're down with CSS 3 and HTML 5.

• You can run WordPress locally (on your Mac/PC).

• You have/can/want to build custom WP themes.

• Bacon is Delicious

Why use a preprocessor?

• Take pain points out of CSS

• Better WP theme organization

• Fewer HTTP requests (faster loading!)

• Access to awesome features and libraries.

What do preprocessor do?


• Nested rules.

• Mixins

• Simplified functions and operators

The Options - Stylus

• Minimalistic syntax.

• Developed for use with Node.

• Can really only be used with Node.

• Not relevant at a WordPress Conference (yet?).

Let's get set up

• Get MAMP and WP running.

• Find your Theme's style.css and other CSS files.

• Point your compiler to the source files.

• Set compiler options (libraries, output)

Stop! Demo time!



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