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Judy Tuan - @judytuna -
ng-conf - March 5, 2015

Let's lead the charge!

My story
Case study: Railsbridge
Call to action: ng-bridge workshops

Who am I?

* gamer --> Starcraft tournament viewing parties for 70+ enthusiastic players
* Na'vi --> Mightyverse --> Railsbridge
* Ruby study group in Women Who Code


San Francisco, 2009

This idea spread

to other cities and languages/frameworks

Webs of weak ties are what allow ideas to spread.

Bridge Foundry's newest hit:

Workshop Ingredients

Space: a main area with breakout rooms
Food: don't forget vegetarian/gf/etc options
Childcare: volunteer or hired

Volunteers: facilitators, teachers, TAs
Curriculum: a working app
Students: women, and any man who comes as the +1 of a woman

Afterparty: drink tickets for volunteers

Benefits to your company:

- visibility to new Angular devs
- visibility to senior Angular devs
- engagement in the community makes your company look really attractive to prospective applicants

Yes, and

It's not just a pipeline problem

Don't give up!

More Angular devs!

To boil the ocean, turn every tenth molecule into a heater.

Mentors matter

Talk to me!


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