About Presentate

Presentate is an easier and faster way to make beautiful presentations that are great to present in person and share online.

We made Presentate because we found that existing tools weren’t helping people make nor give better presentations; the tools focused too much on the slides or the technology, and not enough on making the experience better for presenters and audiences alike. We wanted a product that worked faster and helped you focus all your time and energy on your content, while the software took care of everything else.

Additionally, we wanted a presentation tool that understood the different use cases of presenting in person — sparse, minimal slides — as well as that of sharing online, where you want to provide a self-explanatory handout, rich with information, interactivity, and much more. Presentate is the presentation tool for the 21st century.

With Presentate, you:

  • Spend less time working on your presentations
  • Create presentations that are great for both presenting and sharing
  • Get to know your content better, and become a more confident and fluent presenter

Development on Presentate formally ceased in 2014 when we joined Dropbox. Today, co-founder Faruk Ateş is doing (sporadic) informal development on the product.

Try our public beta, use code: TRYPRESENTATE