Schooled in Feminism: An Ally’s Perspective



Schooled in Feminism:
An Ally’s Perspective

Faruk Ateş

I am a person
who works in

Our industry. Our people. Our respect.

You can’t
with technology

Why is that?

And what exactly is the problem?

And why should I care?

But what does that have to do with sexism, or racism, or…?

Every industry.
Every country.

How To Solve A Problem

A founder A technologist


Responsive Web Design Criticism

From Silence…

Systems of privilege do not exist to account for the world in some kind of rational or accurate way; they exist to defend privilege.

Allan G. Johnson

…To Speaking Out…

…To Listening.

Intent is different
from action and result

The standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

— Lt. Gen. David Morrison, Australian Army Chief

It’s easier to respond with anger than with vulnerability

The Diversity Startup

Raising a new generation

We can make a difference

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